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Aim of the HealthRoad

A healthy, quality and active life is the message to be given with the HEALTH ROAD. In other words, the center of the HealthRoad is human-being. The Welfare for Countries should not only be the goal, but a tool that serves the happiness, healthy and active life of their people. Since the health, economic, financial, political and technological processes experienced today have derailed all societies in the world, it has now become necessary and inevitable to build a HealthRoad for all humanity. For this, the financial system based on the purpose of continuous capital accumulation should now be directed to technological progress, Information Technologies R&D and innovative activities in order to ensure the continuity of health through the HealthRoad.

Our belief is that HealthRoad countries should create a common health culture, expressed as a Salutogenic lifestyle, and a „NEW HEALTH ECONOMY“ should be established far beyond traditional health values. Because both in economically prosperous countries and in developing countries, chronic diseases are no longer cared for, and patients seek the remedy only in expensive and never-ending mechanical treatments of modern medicine. The future is in the New Health Economy, which includes preventive, personalized, precise and participatory medicine (P4) services that prioritize patients‘ needs and empathize, and it will be built on the HealthRoad.

What does HealthRoad mean?

1) A know-how transfer center from R&D activities to implementation in health industry.
  • In order to avoid the side effects of existing health treatment services, natural treatment methods are explored as much as possible and scientific values ​​and innovative solutions are created for a healthy society.
  • R&D and Innovation studies are carried out in cooperation with universities, non-governmental organizations and financial institutions.
  • Realistic, modern, new and innovative treatment strategies based on scientific paradigms and evidence, as well as tools and treatments with proven functionality are developed together with doctors, physical therapists and patients. (P4 medical services)
  • Makes treatments available for medical and non-medical markets.
  • Integrates different communities (scientific, financial, technical, etc.) as much as possible.
2) Continuous health education
  • health road has systemic knowledge and medical skills for a wide variety of purposes, such as;
  • continuing education activities on the health e-platforms in a wide variety of medical disciplines.
  • innovative education and training projects are designed for health e-platforms
  • health-related workshops are held on the health e-platforms
  • continuous sharing of scientific publications over the health e-platforms
3) An innovative eco-system that benefits for everyone
  • offers a higher quality of life to everyone walking this path (QALY)
  • leads to a healthy and active life
  • ensures that everyone is responsible for their own health
4) An economic system that provides long-term benefits for all HealthRoad countries
  • especially in European countries; PTR (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation) provides reduction in local insurance costs for gerontology, orthopedics, pain management
  • periodic cure and accommodation opportunities are available in Antalya hotels for 365 days.
  • implementation of health, care and cure programs without etymological, linguistic and cultural differences
  • an excellent health system to improve health systems that are getting more expensive day by day, to prevent them from getting worse, and to eliminate health waste.
5) An opportunity for investors

Innovative health investment projects based on

  1. Ecological,
  2. Economic,
  3. Technological and
  4. Scientific

fundamental under the umbrella of “Health Road” will be a unique opportunity for investors from different countries.

6) Health Information Technologies (HIT)

HIT is defined as the application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures, digital technologies and information systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of lives:

  1. to improve efficiency and help check the relentless growth of healthcare spending around the world by increasing digitization of healthcare,
  2. to make healthcare more efficient by improving outcomes while saving costs.